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These are all girls that emailed me first after reading my online profile


From the Desk of "The Click Up Artist"

Dear Loser,

Let's face facts. You see dozens of  "hot chicks" on online dating websites every day. And maybe you've even had the balls to email one or two or maybe not. Either way you still have nothing to show for it. And yet, here you are, searching for the "magic bullet" to get her to notice you, STILL hoping you can change your life by finding out the "secret". Well let me clue you in on something...


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I tell you to go away, and you're still here? See, I knew it, you can't follow instructions. How are you going to click up chicks online if you can't follow simple instructions?


So listen up.

All I can do is layout step by step instructions for you. I can't make your ass get out of bed.

So, who the hell am I.

They call me the "Clickup Artist" becasue I have learned the secrets to attracting TOTALY HOT WOMEN through online dating!

All I do is sit down, write a simple online dating profile, upload it to an online dating site and then my inbox starts over flowing with messages from women who want to meet me.

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How much time did you spend today emailing girls online only to have none of them reply back?

Too many to count... Right, LOSER!

The mere thought of emailing girls a bunch of mumbo jumbo turns my stomach.

That's why I discovered the secrets on how to attract women to my online dating profile and have my inbox over-flowing with smoking hot women interested in me...

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But I'm not charging you anywhere near that amount because I know you're probably just as much of a broke loser as you are an online dating loser.

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Whatever you decide, I'll be sipping martinis by the pool with a big busty babe that I met online.

Get with the program or get lost!

Later Loser,


Tyler Mackey
"The Click Up Artist"

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